A serious criminal charge can literally affect the rest of your life. Your family, your livelihood, and your freedom are all at stake. The most important thing you can do is get a Certified Criminal Law Specialist on your side. Many lawyers handle criminal cases, but only a select group can significantly help your case with their experience and knowledge of the court.

Gurovich Law Group provides high quality criminal defense at an affordable price. We offer payment plans and reasonable fees to make excellent legal representation more accessible to everyone. We are available to represent anyone accused of a crime throughout Southern California.  We have represented clients in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles, Riverside, Barstow, Orange County, San Diego.


Gurovich Law Group prides themselves on being an aggressive advocate at a reasonable price. He is not the type of lawyer that walks into court and takes whatever offer the prosecutor is offering, as many moderately priced lawyers do. With our Attorneys, you get excellent representation at a fair price. When seeking a top criminal defense lawyer at an affordable price, call us today to get the experience you deserve.

As your criminal defense attorneys, Gurovich Law Group will look at every single aspect of your case and create any possible defense necessary. We will not back down to anyone, and will use our experience and knowledge of the court system to get the result you deserve.