Family matters are often emotional and intense. Families going through a separation, divorce, adoption, who have issues pertaining to child support or visitation, or who need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may find the emotional intensity of mixing the legal with personal aspects of life to be overwhelming. If your family is facing a legal situation that must be resolved within the legal system, you will need to have a compassionate Los Angeles family lawyer who will handle the matter with discretion, tact, and dedication to your interests and the interests of your children, if you are a parent.

Your Los Angeles family law attorney should have a finely-tuned knowledge of California law, along with an understanding of how families work and the potential consequences of the legal process and its outcome on the individual members of your family. Gurovich Law Group’s family lawyers will seek to balance the emotional, psychological, and financial aspects of the matter facing you family to achieve a solution that works in your unique situation. Above all, our attorneys will be someone you trust and whom you feel comfortable speaking to openly.


In Los Angeles, the family attorneys of the Gurovich Law Group understand this and are dedicated to achieving the most favorable, workable, and satisfactory outcome for you and those you love—one that will allow you to move forward with the least amount of stress, disruption, and uncertainty about your future and that of your family. At Gurovich Law Group we know that any matter affecting your family is not just about law; it’s about real people, with real needs, real problems, and real feelings. Our attorneys are experts at the law, but we don’t stop there; we truly care about the clients we represent, and focus our skills, knowledge and experience to use the law to meet your needs, identify solutions to the problems you’re facing, and respect your feelings and desires when seeking an outcome that will work for you.

We know how to negotiate difficult disputes effectively, with a minimum of rancor, and are often able to find creative solutions to the most contentious problems. We understand that your family law matter may be emotionally draining, and we are here to support you in every possible way. We have access to some of the nation’s most highly respected experts on a variety of matters pertaining to family law: psychologists, social workers, CPAs, forensic accountants, financial advisers, educators, and other whom we can call upon to provide analysis and testimony in your behalf. Our lawyers, with this expert support, create space for you, allowing you to lean on their skill and expertise, enabling you to step back from the emotional challenges you face as we work together to find effective legal solutions to the matter at hand, with an emphasis on preserving positive family relationships to the greatest extent possible.